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Eadie Lifestyle Strutta Linen Cushion – Natural / Black


The Eadie “Strutta” series really struts style and elegance. Made from European natural linen, with the most beautiful black slub weave detail that exudes a striking textural finish, gently refined with a delicate fine linen piping. This is a statement linen cushion and has been designed as a perfect hero in its own right, or a fabulous compliment to the Vigare series.

Stutta embodies the subtle detail and beauty that just can’t be found in mass production. Conscious, unique and special.

Filled with Eadie’s exclusive plump feather insert, which they have designed to be the most comfortable insert on the market.

OEKO-TEX® and GOTS certified
Rectangle: 40x60cm cushion 
Medium: 50x50cm cushion 
Large: 60x60cm cushion