SOFA RANGE - Coming soon

Australian made

We are so excited about launching our Australian Made-To-Order Sofa Range here at Casa Noosa.

We are able to offer Australian made product in large or small volume in as few as three weeks.

We offer a curated range of designs which can be made to order in all combinations and can be modified to suit your project or space.

Our production lead time on all standard designs is just 3 Weeks 

If you have a custom piece or something more specific that’s been customised to suit, we quote 4-6 weeks.

Our lead time is generally calculated from when we receive your confirmation however it is always subject to us receiving the fabric within 3-5 working days. If there is a delay or the fabric is not currently in stock with the supplier we will advise immediately and confirm the revised production date.  

If you have a very specific time line or an installation date you are working to, always talk to us and we will confirm what’s possible.