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Pre Orders & Custom Orders

Pre-order/Custom order policy

We require full upfront payment for pre-orders. No refunds will be offered for pre-orders under any circumstances. When a pre-order is made, we will provide an estimated time of arrival. This is not a guarantee.

In the unlikely event that your item arrives in the wrong size/colour or misses the shipment you will be notified, and a new shipment date will be organised. There are occasions where shipments are delayed due to weather, customs processing and shipping authorities, such events are out of our control.

Delivery time to customers depend on the item purchased (large items are moved via specialised companies and subject to their schedules), your location and other such factors. Due to this, we are unable to provide exact delivery dates but can give you an estimated timeframe.  

Shipping times have become increasingly unpredictable during the pandemic. We will, however, provide regular updates as to if and when the estimated time of arrival changes.